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        2018-08-24 12:05

        GDP: RMB 280 billion
        Area: 2,020 sq km
        Population: 8,610,000
        Administrative division: 6 sub-municipal districts


        Shenzhen, also known as Pengcheng, is a city with the most ports and the only city with sea, land and air ports in China. Being the major gateway for China to communicate with the world, Shenzhen has strong economic support and modernized municipal infrastructures. In 2008, Shenzhen’s GDP totaled RMB 280 billion. The present population of permanent residents in Shenzhen amounts to 8.61 million, with a per capita GDP of RMB 90,662.



        As the “experiment ground” for China’s economic reform and open-door to the outside, Shenzhen was the first to establish a relatively complete socialist market and economic system, creating a miracle in the history of industrialization, urbanization and modernization in the world. Shenzhen is the brilliant epitome of 30 years’ splendid achievements of China’s reform and open-door policy. Shenzhen has been putting emphasis on the development of new and high technology industry and fund-intensive manufacturing, with the present stress of investment attraction on automobile, petrochemical and other industrial and strong-leverage projects. The major sectors related to foreign investment in Shenzhen include electronics and communication, electric power and machinery, textile and garment, foodstuffs, pharmaceuticals, mineral products, real estate, traffic and transportation and commercial catering etc.

        深圳是中国经济改良和对外开放的“试验场”,率先成立起较量完美的社会主义市场经济体制,缔造了天下家产化、都市化、当代化史上的事迹,是中国改良开放近30年光辉成绩的出色缩影。 深圳一向重视操作外资成长高新技能财富和资金麋集型制造业,今朝招商引资的重点是汽车、石化等发动性强的实业、财富项目。在深圳,外商投资涉及的首要行业包罗:电子通讯、电气机器、纺织打扮、食物、医药、金属成品、房地产、交通运输及贸易饮食等。

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